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How I Finally Started To LOVE Mornings and How You Can Too!

Let me just start by saying I haven't always been a morning person. It look a very long time to naturally start waking up early. Now I thrive on an early morning start, you will not find me laying in bed past 7:01am. Some mornings, especially in the winter, it is EXTREMELY tempting to pull the blanket over your head and hit snooze, but the benefits of waking up early are my motivation to get going. I have tried every trick in the book and here are the hacks that worked for me, and hopefully will work for you as well.

I love getting into bed as early as possible (hi grandma) so the thought of doing more work before bed never used to be a priority for me. Once I was done with my skincare I was done for the day - nighty night. Now that we have been given more freedom with our schedules due to quarantine, I have been trying out some new routines, the first one being prepping the night before.


This is something I used to do MAYBE 3 times a week, now with quarantine going on week #502, I have been doing this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It makes my morning routine so much smoother and gets me on a head start. Everyone's is going to look a little different but mine includes:

  • Getting my coffee pot filled and ready to go so all I need to do is hit start.

  • Filling out my todo list for the following day. On Sunday nights I plan a rough draft of my entire week - which I am saving for a separate post - but each night I will check my to do list for the following day and prioritize what needs to get done first.

  • Do any dishes in the sink so I wake up to a clean kitchen.

  • Charge my laptop so the next morning I can work anywhere and I am fully charged.

  • Fill my ice tray- this one may seem silly, however I do not have a fancy ice machine fridge but need freezing cold water all day long, so there you go!

Think about the small things that you could do the night before to make your morning routine as stress free as possible.


This might seem a little "woowoo" but I have become obsessed with meditation and visualizing my goals for the day. I'm not saying you need to sit in a dark room surrounded by candles with some chanting in the background, I literally don't move from my bed. I used to be guilty of checking my phone .5 seconds after my eyes opened. I would endlessly scroll for way too long, not even taking in any information, just scrolling. Waste.Of.Time. Now, once my alarm goes off, I lay there, completely still with my eyes closed and allow myself to fully focus on the day ahead. I visualize what I want to accomplish that day, I set positive intentions for myself, I ask myself how can I improve my day today compared to yesterday. This way, once I am ready to get up I am already on a positive path. Ready to take on the day!


Take the 60 seconds to make your bed. Trust me. Again you might feel like, whats the point I'm just going to be back in it tonight? No one sees my bed but me? This one small task will give you a feeling of accomplishment, this 1 minute task will set the tone for the day. Plus after working your ass off all day wouldn't you want to come home to a nice clean bed?


This will get you in the habit of opening your eyes a little earlier. If your goal is to start waking up at 6:00am, set your alarm for 5:30am, you will love the extra 30 mins to get the motivation to start moving!


This is the most important one. This is the reason I can't wait to get out of bed in the morning and get my day started. KNOW YOUR WHY. Why the fuck to do you WANT to get up early? You don't NEED to get up and get going for hours but you want to? My why is my business. I am 100% dedicated to making The Beauty Studio the best it can possibly be, and no one is going to do that for me. I have the drive to start killing my next goal every single day, and for me I can't do that while sleeping til noon. So what is your why? Do you work 9-5 and want to start exercising? Then hunny you need to get up a little earlier, you need to want it bad enough. You need to make your goal, your passion, your future self - a #1 priority. Want to start making a full breakfast for your family everyday? Spend more time with your kids? Maybe you want to start a side hustle while still working full time. I did it! Whatever your WHY may be- make it your mission, your goal, your reason to get up everyday and make it one step closer to hitting it.

Leave a comment below with your favorite hacks to get up early! Tell me your WHY!!

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